Voicemail to Email and Fax to Email

You may not always be by your office phone, but chances are you always have your cell phone with you. Wouldn’t it be nice if you immediately knew if you had voicemail messages back at work rather than having to call in to your voicemail retrieval line? It’s possible.

Toshiba’s voicemail to email takes any voicemails you receive on your dial tone phone line and automatically converts them to audio files. The files are attached to emails and delivered to you on any Internet-enabled computer or smart phone. On your schedule, you can listen to the audio file. Imagine: Instant access to voicemails. No more missing important phone calls while you’re on vacation or when you’re working in a building without cell phone reception. You’re notified right away that a message is pending. The original message is still saved on your Toshiba voicemail system for your convenience.

Even better, Toshiba’s fax to email is also available. Incoming faxes are converted into email attachments. Immediately download full, readable versions of faxes. This is perfect for busy, on-the-go small business owners like real estate agents or attorneys. No more swinging by the office just to pick up that fax; now they’re available anywhere you are.

Both voice to email and fax to email services are available on traditional phone lines and through VoIP services. They’re just part of the ever-expanding ways phone lines make your business better and more efficient.

Interested in these options or just have questions? We’re here to help. MTS Digital works with small business owners in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio to select the phone systems and services that most make sense for them. We’d love to help you in any way we can.