Is VoIP Right for Your Small Business?

Everyone’s curious about VoIP these days. You hear a lot about it, but what does it really mean? And more importantly, is it something that makes sense for your small business? Let’s start at the beginning.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. What, that doesn’t clear things up for you? Put simply, it’s using your Internet connection as a phone line. Think of it as a version of Skype you can access from your business desktop phone. That’s all. You still hear a dial tone when you pick up the phone. The quality is crystal clear—in some cases better than a regular phone line. You still have all the traditional benefits of a phone line, like voicemail, caller ID, call transfers and more.

Practical definitions out of the way, why is VoIP better than traditional phone lines? It’s not technically better, but it does offer some unique advantages. One of the biggest is the ability to have intercom calling between office locations, even if they’re states away. That’s right, no more long distance charges for calling your other branches. Suddenly, it’s so easy and fast to get in touch with the rest of your team, it’s as if you’re all working in the same office. This is a great choice for franchises or other multi-location businesses where communication matters.

There usually isn’t a large cost difference between VoIP and traditional dial tone phone services. In some cases, VoIP might be slightly more expensive, but if you’ve got those multiple locations, you might save more than you spend. Usually, it’s features rather than price that are the deciding factor on going with VoIP.

Still not sure if VoIP is right for you? Call MTS Digital today. We’ll take a look at your business and your needs and help you compare your options until you find the phone system that’s right for you, whether that’s Internet-based or uses good old-fashioned copper wire. We’re committed to helping you find the phone system that best meets your needs.